437th Legislative Session Overview: Delegate Angel has introduced a total of 26 bills this Session that will all work toward improving the quality of life for residents in District 25.

  • She has introduced a Domestic Violence bill that will help protect thousands of vulnerable women and children by expanding the definition of abuse to include harassment —including written and electronic harassment—and malicious destruction of property.

  • To further protect children from domestic violence, the Delegate has also submitted a Zone of Dangerbill that requires criminal charges to be brought against the accused if domestic violence is committed in the presence of a child.
  • To ensure that our children receive the mental health care they deserve, the Delegate has introduced a Youth Education Counseling bill that seeks to provide individualized counseling services in schools for children who need assistance.
  • By introducing a Veterans and County Employee Limited Auction bill, the Delegate hopes to make Prince George’s County a place where those who have given their service to our County can afford to purchase homes in the areas they serve.

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